How to get the breast implants you want from an implant researcher and clinical professor

Natural breast augmentation goals:

  1. Better fit in clothing
  2. Enhancement of missing features
  3. Fullness
  4. Size in proportion to body size and type

Breast augmentation procedure planning starts with you!  Your unique physical findings and your  goals are important in optimizing your choices and results.

There are many choices and Dr.Burke and  our experienced R.N. nursing staff will help guide you in your decision.

  1.  type of implant (saline or gel)
  2. the implant profile (projection/width ratio)
  3. implant shell characteristics (smooth or textured)
  4. implant contour (round or tear drop)
  5. implant incision placement
  6. the desired pocket (dual plane or over the muscle)
  7. need for lifting (breast lift) the Nipple Areolar Complex (NAC)

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