Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Lift)

Before & After Photo Gallery of Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Lift)
Before & After Photo Gallery of Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Lift)

Brazilian Butt Lift

Curious about the Cost of a Brazilian butt Lift? 

What is an”Ideal Buttocks”?

An attractive, youthful buttocks shares common features in all ethnic groups: No droop; Maximum prominence of the mid and upper regions; A smooth inward sweep of the low back area and waist; Well defined cleavage separating the right and left sides; Minimal crease below.

As one ages the buttocks loses prominence, droops, and the lower creases become prominent. Often this is made worse by weight gain or loss, and pregnancy.  Other changes also occur at the same time in fat distribution and skin tightness  (abdominal region, flanks above the buttocks, and saddle bag region).

How Does Dr.Burke Restore a Buttocks that is drooping and has lost its prominence?

Dr.Burke uses lipotransfer to restore lost volume and liposculpture to help resculpt the surrounding regions to recreate a more youthful appearance. He also uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to boost the results with a more predictable effect. Dr.Burke has developed techniques over the past 26 years that  have resulted in long lasting gluteal (butt) augmentations. These techniquesdiffer from standard butt augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift) due to the following:

  1. Dr. Burke harvests fat with mini-microcannulas while  using low suction (fat removal alone is usually done under high intensity suction, making the cells unusable for grafting since the cells a ruptured due to the high speed vacuum pressure applied), assuring that the fat cells are not traumatized and remain viable.
  2. The fat is filtered through closed, sterile, single patient use  microfilters before processing. This separates the living cells from fluids and cell debris.
  3. Dr.Burke uses the same team for all procedures. They are expert in fat harvest and processing prior to injection.
  4. Your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is added to the prepared fat. Your own growth factors turbocharge the fat cells.
  5. Once harvested and prepared,  fat is reinjected using a microdroplet technique through small hidden incisions made on either side of the gluteal fold.
  6. Your recovery is carefully monitored and a special compression garment is placed. You are able to sit immediately after the procedure.
  7. All procedures are done in our AAAHC accredited surgical facility under sterile conditions.
  8. Our rapid recovery techniques, combined with gentle surgery  result in ambulation the first day. Patients have returned to work within the first week.
  9. We have many patients visit from all parts of the world. Travel and hotel arrangements are available directly from our web site.
  10. If you have to travel by yourself, we have arrangements for transportation and postoperative care where necessary.

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Curious about the Cost of a Brazilian butt Lift?  

Frequently Asked Questions


I was told that Fat Injection did not work and the fat would be quickly absorbed –

Dr.Burke uses a micro injection technique. He collects the fat under very low suction using tiny mini-microcannulae.

fat is then specially processed and filtered through sterile microfilters to remove any contaminants from the fat cells. The fat is specially processed by his team. He adds Platelet Rich Plasma (rich in your body’s own growth factors)to turboboost the fat! Two tiny incisions, placed in a hidden area, are used.  Tiny droplets of fat are carefully placed  throughout the desired area of the buttocks. This assures a healthy blood supply to the harvested fat and improves its  survival. This results in a natural shape and feel!

Do the buttocks feel natural when you touch them? Can you tell by touching, which area had fat grafting, and which area is natural?

They feel totally natural once the swelling has subsided. There is no way to tell anything was done since they are your natural tissue. Some patients have said that they feel better than before and slightly firmer.

Is Buttocks Numbness a side effect?

At first you will feel numb due to the local anesthetic. As the anesthetic wears off, the feeling gradually returns. None of our patients have reported long term numbness.

Will I have to be careful of my buttocks when I do sports and aerobics?

There will be no restrictions following healing. We will go over any specific instructions for you and provide written instructions.