How to get a better looking neck!

  1. Kybella : Dr.Robert Burke is the first physician in the Ann Arbor area to offer Kybella treatment.  FDA approved fat dissolving injections in the submental (below the chin) area, result in a younger appearance without surgery.
  2. Pelleve:  Tightens  loose face and neck skin while reducing pore size 25% savings on packages.
  3. Smart lipo, a minimally invasive alternative (Smart Lipo)   for those wishing immediate correction! The Smart Lipo laser dissolves fat and shrinks the overlying skin. Special pricing. 1550 per area with minimum purchase of 4 areas.
  4. Silhouette Instalift  to  immediately tighten face and neck skin (through the miracle of polylactic acid cones and threads which dissolve after stimulating loose facial and neck skin to tighten). No incisions. No sutures. Pricing starts at $2500.