Banishing Cellulite

What is cellulite?

Cellulite (aka orange peel syndrome) is the protrusion of subcutaneous fat which is normally held in place by fibrous tissue. Visually it is seen  as dimpling of the skin.

It occurs in 85-95 % of females and may appear as early as the teenage years. It is influenced by heredity, hormones, weight, and overall health. It tends to worsen with age.


Although many treatments have been used over the years (surface vacuuming; heating; creams; lotions; exercise) none has worked consistently.

The best way to address and minimize cellulite is to be proactive.  Take good care of yourself, hydrate, exercise, practice healthy habits.

The most effective treatment in our practice (in addition to the above)  involves green light based body contouring.

This requires no recovery, there is no discomfort, and treatments take under one hour.

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