Nonsurgical jaw reshaping

Botox Jaw Reduction: A New Technique For Facial Reshaping

Although a strong, square jawline is considered masculine and desirable in men, many women seek a soft more feminine facial shape.  When females change their facial shape from square to oval  a more gentle, graceful appearance is created which many feel is attractive. When the Masseter muscle is overly developed (enlarged) it creates extra facial width which is often responsible for the square jawed appearance.

At one time, jaw reduction surgery was necessary.  Botox and Dysport are now used to reshape the face without surgery. Botox or  Dysport jaw reduction is a specialized technique which reduces a wide jaw (overly square jawline) to a more attractive oval or heart shape. Although this jaw slimming procedure is most often done in Asian females, it may be used in any female with a wide facial-jaw shape due to enlargement of the masseter muscle.  drrobertburkepatientasianjawreshapingbotox2014

As the masseter muscle relaxes and shrinks in size, the facial shape changed and softens.  Often there is less pain in the jaw joint region due to decreased clenching jaw force and decreased pressure trauma to the TMJ region.

Many patients have this procedure done during their work break and are able to return to work immediately after. Dr.Burke prefers to reevaluate at 3-4 weeks and may recommend additional injections.  It is important to followup with any recommendations in order to obtain the best long term results.

Dr.Burke also offers other means of jaw reshaping including Bellafill, chin augmentation, and mandibular recontouring.