PRP (platelet rich plasma) : natural face, neck, decolletage rejuvination

PRP (platelet rich plasma) , a.k.a. (vampire lift), offers natural facial and body rejuvination for men and women in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Canada wishing to avoid  surgery and look younger. PRP is rich in  your own  growth factors which boost the results of facial fillers and skin treatments, helping  reverse many of the signs of aging .

Affordable Rejuvination: PRP injections

The PRP facelift a.k.a. (the vampire facelift) combines  facial fillers and Botox with PRP ,  to help naturally hance your appearance.

(PRP)  mobilizes your own unique growth factors and  creates a natural appearance.

Often friends and co workers tell our patients “you look so relaxed and well rested… did you take a vacation?”