SmartLipo Laser Assisted Liposculpture

Before & After Photo Gallery of SmartLipo Laser Assisted Liposculpture
Before & After Photo Gallery of SmartLipo Laser Assisted Liposculpture

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Dr.Burke is the first surgeon in Michigan to offer the SmartLipo™ MPX  Dual Wavelength Laser System for Fat Removal and Skin Tightening. He was the first to offer multiple wavelengths of laser light for additional effect (including high definition body sculpting).

His scientific research determined the mechanism of action of the procedure leading to clinical  refinements which improved the outcomes, making the procedure safe and predictable.







 Smart Lipo  delivers different wavelengths of laser energy to localized fat deposits in the face and body using tiny incisions. The laser beam  targets (fat), causing the fat cells to rupture.  The liquified fat is drained away harmlessly. While melting fat, the laser beam  coagulates tissue on contact, stimulating collagen production for tighter skin. (Some refer to this as shrink wrapping skin!). This coagulation minimizes bleeding – resulting in less bruising.


When laser energy is applied to fat cells,  they turn to liquid as their outer cell covering is heated by the laser.  This allows gentle removal with small micro cannulas (liposculpture).

How does Smart Lipo tighten skin? The skin tightening effect is due to laser heat energy  stimulating fibroblasts in the subdermal (layer just below the skin and above muscle) connective tissue to produce collagen, causing the skin to shrink.

Scientific study confirms the ability of Smart Lipo to cause additional skin tightening. By 3 months after a single treatment tissue has a tightening improvement index of  62% versus only 5% with liposuction alone.  This represents tightening improvement over 12 times more than standard liposuction alone.











Smart Lipo operating room and procedure set up.  All procedures are performed in our AAAHC accredited facility under sterile operating room conditions.

This is the smart lipo laser used for treatments.

Curious about the Costs for Smart lipo Laser Asisted liposculpture?

Dr.Burke’s original thermal research  provided necessary insights to increase this skin tightening improvement  to its maximal effect.

Smart Lipo neck lift is a minimal incision, fast recovery outpatient option to increase neck definition in those bothered by neck fat and loose skin.(and who do not have time for prolonged recovery and do not wish traditional invasive surgery)




Below is a before and after Smart Lipo case photo where these principles of selective energy application with the Smart lipo lead to maximal skin tightening and body contouring in a patient who had a Mommy Makeover.


What are the advantages of the Smart Lipo procedure as opposed to traditional liposculptureAdvantages of this procedure versus traditional liposculpture include smaller incisions; more rapid recovery; decreased incidence of side effects; and additional skin shrinkage above that from liposculpture. The procedure is done on an ambulatory basis permitting a rapid return to normal activities. When the procedure is done under local anesthesia, many return to their normal activities later the day of the procedure or the next day.

Patient positioned on the operating room table.  Note the dark marking which represent contour marks where fat is to be removed.  The tiny x marks with circles represent the proposed incision sites.  These are chosen for the best access while hidden in natural skin folds where possible.  Most are about the size of a ball point pen tip.

Area surgically cleansed  and draped. The laser is under the skin in the subcutaneous fat region.  The light tells exactly where the laser tip is located for precise control.

This  results in the purest fat removal while also tightening the skin.  The cannister is filled with fat that has just been removed.

Dr. Burke’s original research papers on skin tightening with the Smart Lipo laser used in liposculpture appear in the March 2012 issue of the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery.”Temperature Monitoring During Laser Assisted Liposculpture in Males.”

His latest  research paper appeared in the March 2014 issue of the American Journal of Surgery. “Skin and Subcutaneous Temperature Monitoring in Women During Laser Assisted Liposculpture”.

Dr.Burke uses information from these peer reviewed scientific studies to guide treatment, providing evidence based treatment for optimal effects. His most recent treatment innovation is Waist Defining Smart Lipo to shrink wrap your skin and lose inches in the waist region.

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SmartLipo™ MPX provides State of the Art, dual wave laser-assisted liposculpture-liposuction techniques that melt fat while tightening skin. SmartLipo™ MPX offers a fast, safe and less invasive alternative to other liposculpture-liposuction methods, with few side effects and a shorter recovery time. It can also be used in conjunction with other traditional techniques to offer improved results.

For a single area the procedure can often  be done in less than an hour under  local anesthesia. With use of ultra long acting local anesthesia, many patients are able to resume  normal activities later that day and require only minor over the counter  analgesics.

Curious about the Costs for Smart lipo Laser Asisted liposculpture?

View SmartLipo™ MPX Laser Assisted Liposculpture results photos