Ultra Slim Body Sculpting: Fall-Winter Special

Fall and Winter are the times when most of us gain weight. We   exercise less , decreasing our activities outside as daylight time shortens, eat more (due to the abundance of holiday treats and snacks as well as the frequency of holiday dinners). With this weight gain, our clothes don’t fit as well. Buttons are stressed and our belts shrink.

Ultraslim treatments help minimize this gain, allowing you to fit into new clothes that you may buy or receive as gifts, and be ready for that winter vacation in the sun.

This year we are starting earlier to help you fit into your new clothes or wear tht summer outfit during your winter vacation.

Special fall winter pricing: $1499

Ultra Slim cold light body sculpting uses the power of light to shrink your fat cells.

FDA approved cold light(of a very specific wavelength and character) causes fat cells to shrink.  The result is a better fit in clothing and fewer “inches”.

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Ultra Slim is the only non-invasive technology with  FDA approval for immediate, permanent fat removal without dieting, exercise, pills, or surgery (K160880).

100% of patients achieved fat loss in a preapproval FDA study. (NCT02867150).

In multi-site IRB approved clinical trials patients lost an average of 3.5”  from their waist, hips, and thighs.

Visit ClinicalTrials.gov for more information.