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  • Minimally invasive breast lift
    Bioregenerative breast lift avoids scars on the front of the breasts The stem cell breast lift is a minimally invasive (mastopexy)  bioregenerative option for women wishing perkier breasts but do not want scars on the front of their breasts and do not have time for prolonged healing and recovery. Often breasts droop or sag as Read More
  • Fall specials
    Hair Loss Treatments for Men and Women:We can evaluate your loss and recommend treatments to regrow your own hair in balding and thinning areas PRP for hair loss to stimulate regrowth : starting at $500 Stem Cells to regrow your own hair: Starting at $3500 Join Our VIP program for free Botox! Smartlipo packages : Read More
  • Stem cells help men and women regrow their own hair
    Hair loss (alopecia or baldness) affects both men and women. The pattern of loss, and the age at which loss is noticed differs though, between men and women. Over 80 million men  and  women in America are affected to varying degrees, ranging from hair thinning and loss to partial or total baldness.  Early hair loss most commonly occurs in men and Read More
  • Ultra Slim Body Sculpting : Lose inches painlessly
    Ultra Slim “waistbuster” shrinks fat cells safely and noninvasively using  FDA approved cold light. This patient had her treatment 4 days ago. Average of 3.5 inches lost  after the first treatment.* Pricing :  Starts at $500 per session. Ask us about prepaid packages.       This woman gained weight and abdominal dimension following pregnancy Read More
  • Silhouette Instalift threadlift: turbocharged with PRP (platelet rich plasma)
    Dr.Burke was the first surgeon to introduce the Silhouette Instalift Threadlift to the Ann Arbor area (following FDA approval). In his patients, results have often continued 24 months and longer.  One factor in this extraordinary longevity is turbocharging with PRP (platelet rich plasma).  For those seeking even more longevity and nonsurgical correction, he combines this Read More
  • Bellafill turbochaged with PRP is a new model for long lasting facial rejuvination
    Bellafill represents a new paradigm in facial rejuvination, upending the traditional model of repeat injections at several monthly intervals. Boosted with PRP, the results are even better! Because its duration of action is 5 years (as approved by the FDA), once injections are completed, in many cases they need not be repeated every few  months to Read More