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  • Melt unwanted fat with fat dissolving injection : B bikini ready
    Melt submental and other localized body fat in unwanted areas with fat dissolving injections : Prepay for 2 treatments and receive free Botox*.    * Botox treatment of 2 facial areas.  
  • Stem cell breast lift is a nonsurgical bioregenerative option for those wishing to avoid scars on the front of their breasts
    The stem cell breast lift is a nonsurgical bioregenerative breast lift option for women which avoids visible scars on the front of their breasts. With minimal to moderate breast droop (ptosis) , and  lack of upper breast volume  (fullness), a nonsurgical bioregenerative procedure which harvests and reinjects your own adipose (fat) derived stem cells gently Read More
  • Special July pricing
    Pelleve: Prepay for 3 treatments,receive the 4th treatment free! Join Our VIP program for free Botox! Smartlipo packages : $1600 per area ***with treatment of 4 or more areas Ultra Slim packages:  $1999** * Smart Lipo Procedure(s) must be completed by August 15, 2018. ** 6 treatment sessions of one area. 2nd area  treated 1/2 Read More
  • Stem cell injections help men and women regrow their own hair
    Both Men and Women Experience Hair Loss (also known as alopecia or baldness). Hair loss is common, but affects men and women differently.  Although hair loss can begin during the teenage years, most commonly, early hair loss occurs in men. In women, hair loss is most commonly associated with menopause. Hair loss (partial or total Read More
  • Ultra Slim Body Sculpting : better fit in clothes in about 30 minutes
    Ultra Slim shrinks fat cells noninvasively! With ultra Slim treatments, on average, patients, lost 3.5 inches after their first treatment.*  Summer Pricing packages: starting at $1999 (expires August 1, 2018) FDA approved cold light(specific wavelength and character) causes fat cells to actually shrink.  The result is a better fit in clothing and fewer “inches”. State Read More
  • Silhouette Instalift : facelift alternative for those not wanting invasive surgery
    The silhouette Instalift is a “no scalpel facelift”. By tightening facial and upper neck skin, signs of aging such as jowliness and prominent skin folds are erased.  Sagging, volume deficient  facial and upper neck skin are gently lifted and tightened. No incisions are made and no sutures are necessary. The tightening effect also continues with Read More
  • Bellafill noninvasive, nonsurgical facelift
    Bellafill is the longest lasting FDA approved facial filler,  and  the only facial filler approved by the FDA for treatment of distensible acne scars. Bellafill offers the longest lasting facial volume correction ( 5 + years as approved by the FDA) of any FDA approved facial filler. used in the V lift nonsurgical facelift, it offers Read More