ALMI Stem Cell Facelift

The Almi (autogous lipocyte micronized injection) Procedure recruits, isolates, and prepares your own adipose derived stem cells for use in your own facial rejuvination.

Known as the stem cell facelift, an advanced bioregenerative option, this replaces the injection of foreign materials such as fillers into your face, providing the most natural way to rejuvinate your appearance.

  • As people age, collagen production slows down,  contributing  to loss of volume.
  • With this loss, the structural support to the skin is diminished leading to wrinkles, sagging, and discoloration.
  • Many of our patients have expressed the desire to look years younger in the most natural way, and to avoid invasive surgery.
  • Many times, fat grafting and fillers, while initially effective, do not last; there can be side effects to fillers; and they do not contain growth factors to perpetuate the rejuvenation process. Although fat grafting uses your own fat cells, it does not isolate, recruit, and process the supravascular fraction containing your stem cells. Because of this, it often lacks longevity, may be unpredictable, and in many cases must be repeated.
  • ALMI uses your own tissues in a procedure similar to that of receiving other injectables, but is all-natural, and contains your own growth factors and the supravascular fraction containing your own adipose (fat) derived stem cells to provide immediate results while continuing  to regenerate and stimulate collagen growth and restructuring of your damaged areas.

The ALMI procedure is an advanced bioregenerative option

  • This procedure utilizes your own tissue for bioregeneration.
  • Addresses skin tone, volume, elasticity.
  • Results have the potential to last years.
  • Procedure is typically done in-office.
  • Takes about an hour.
  • Little or no down time.
  • Does not require general anesthesia