ALMI Stem Cells for Hairloss

Stem Cells  Regrow Hair, reversing Balding (hair loss) in Men and Women. Restores Confidence for many as they take  back control of their hair.

The severity of hair loss, known as alopecia or baldness  varies from a small area to a larger, more noticeable area.

The reality is that majority of the population will experience hair loss during their lifetimes! Today over 80 million men and women in America are affected by hair loss.

Overall, 70% of men and 40% of women are affected by hair loss during their lifetimes. The pattern and severity of hair loss differs between men and women.

Hair loss may begin as early as the teenage years in men, increasing in incidence as one ages.  In women, the majority of hair loss occurs after menopause although for some, the loss begins in their 20’s.

Hair loss can lead to less confidence. One of the more difficult conditions to treat, many diverse treatments have been offered over the years including: surgical procedures (scalp reduction; grafting), lasers, topical gels and pills (with potential medical side effects which include impotence in men), and hair pieces.

Androgenic Alopecia

Most hair loss in men and women is known as androgenic alopecia.  For men this is also known as male pattern hair loss.  For women, this is called  female pattern hair loss.  Hair loss is usually more severe in men than in women.  This loss increases in incidence and severity with age.  Most female hair loss occurs postmenopausal although hair loss can occur in the teenage years.

  • Whether it is for a receding hairline,
  • a balding area,
  • a lack of fullness and volume,
  • or thinning or sparse hair overall,
  • the ALMI™ Procedure (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) may offer the all-natural solution for your hair loss. It also can boost results following grafting.

Hair Growth Stages: Anagen; Catagen; Telogen

Hair grows in 3 main stages.  Hairs are lost during phase 3, or the shedding phase of hair growth.

hair growth transplant ALMI

The growth cycle of a hair consists of 3 stages:

  • ANAGEN (GROWING) STAGE. The anagen stage is the growing period of a hair follicle.
  • CATAGEN (INTERMEDIATE) STAGE. The catagen stage is the intermediate period of hair growth.
  • TELOGEN (RESTING OR SHEDDING) STAGE.(these hairs are the ones that you notice in your comb or brush after grooming)

As balding or alopecia becomes noticeable, the hair follicle minaturizes (becomes very much smaller) on a microscopic level.

Scientific studies have established that stem cells (which reside in the scalp) remain at persistent numbers during this process, but the conversion of stem cells to the progenitor cells required for follicle stimulation and cycling is reduced in balding patients.

The ALMI procedure assists in this regeneration of the hair follicle and may induce a more robust and stronger recycling of the hair follicle. Once these stem cells are administered, they have the ability to re-activate dormant follicles, forming new cells leading to hair regrowth.

How is the ALMI™ Procedure Performed?

The ALMI™ procedure provides targeted treatment using your own cells to help stimulate the regeneration of follicles during hair growth cycles.  The procedure is performed in our office suite, using local anesthesia. Adipose derived stem cells are separated by processing during the procedure, resulting in the stromal vascular fraction. This is prepared and selectively injected into areas of the scalp where there is hair loss.  Dr.Burke also combines this with PRP (platelet derived plasma)  The prp does not contain any stem cells but is rich in growth factors, promoting healing.

Results are typically seen during the next cycle of hair growth and improve over time with each hair growth cycle.  Growth is often stimulated after just one or two months.

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ALMI™ can help restore:

  • Hair Follicles
  • Thickness
  • Regrowth
  • Receding Hairlines
  • Bald Spots

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