Getting rid of your tattoo in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Treatment choices are important once  the decision to remove your tattoo ink is made.  Although treatment is a “process”,  there are options that speed results.

First and foremost is the choice of laser removal system. How does one choose a laser system for tattoo fading or removal… for removal of colorful tattoos…for removal of professional and amateur tattoos?  Science + Laser characteristics.

Each wavelength of laser light treats a different  color spectrum. No one wavelength treats all colors.  At least three different wavelengths of light are needed to treat all colors.  The laser handpiece  delivers the laser light to treat your tattoo ink.  Because the handpiece focuses the laser beam onto the tattoo ink being treated, a uniform beam, focused by the handpiece  minimizes  skin damage and speeds treatment.   With a nonuniform beam, more laser beam overlap is needed because the beam varies in intensity and over treats some areas while under treating others. The best and safest treatments are with a laser that has a focused, uniform laser beam.

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