Bellafill turbochaged with PRP is a new model for long lasting facial rejuvination

Bellafill represents a new paradigm in facial rejuvination, upending the traditional model of repeat injections at several monthly intervals. Boosted with PRP, the results are even better!

Because its duration of action is 5 years (as approved by the FDA), once injections are completed, in many cases they need not be repeated every few  months to maintain their effect.  This could save 10 or more visits with your injector (to receive additional injections)  during the 5 year duration time period.

Bellafill is also a new paradigm in the treatment of acne scars, as the only FDA approved filler  for treatment of distensible acne scars.

Bellafill thrbocharged with PRP   improves skin laxity, texture, adding a  more youthful skin glow  in addition to long lasting correction of facial volume loss,  As the aging face is restored, natural  youthful 3 dimensional (3 D) facial contour returns , contributing to its anti aging effect.

Curious about the cost of Bellafill?

Used in the V lift nonsurgical facelift,  offers longevity as opposed to traditional fillers lasting several months. PRP turbocharges for an even better effect as it contains necessary growth factors to speed healing, and your results.


This  woman wanted to look younger but who did not want a surgical procedure.  The Bellafill V lift liquid facelift took years off her appearance, restoring facial volume that had been lost as she aged.  When volume is restored, the face takes back its 3 dimensional (3 D) appearance as sagging, loose skin is tightened.

Bellafill is  the only FDA approved facial filler for the treatment of distensible acne scars. The number one request from these patients is to help make their scars less noticeable (since they often perceive that everyone is staring at them).