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Before & After Photo Gallery of Breast Augmentation
Before & After Photo Gallery of Breast Augmentation



 Breast Implant Pricing 

Natural Breast Augmentation

Women in  Michigan told us that they are looking for a natural breast  appearance! What does this mean?

This is what they tell us their goals and motivations are:

  1. Better fit in clothing
  2. Enhancement of missing features
  3. Replacement of lost breast fullness
  4. Breasts which have a size in proportion to their body size and type

Given this information, how we help you achieve natural, and realistic goals?

The process begins at your consultation.  We want to understand your concerns and treatment goals.   The consultation discussion adds context to your examination and helps us to  better address your needs and goals.

Supplemental information (old records, mammogram or ultrasound reports), if available, also helps.

Allowing extra time for your consultation permits enough time to  review options, and  review size, manufacturer, style options as well as possible surgical approaches.

We also like to also review our surgical technique with you.  We prefer no touch, no scalpel, natural breast augmentation.

No Touch, No Scalpel Natural Breast Augmentation 

Dr.Burke, both a breast implant researcher and medical school professor,refined and combined  existing breast implant (breast augmentation) techniques, including those of Dr.Tebbetts to create a  “no touch, no scalpel natural breast augmentation”.

Breast augmentation procedure planning starts with your consultation!  Your unique physical findings and your augmentation (implant)  goals are carefully assessed and evaluated by Dr.Burke. The goal  is to help select breast implants that enhance your appearance in the most natural way.

This assessment includes:

  • the type of implant (saline or gel)
  • the implant profile (projection/width ratio)
  • implant shell characteristics (smooth or textured)
  • implant contour (round or tear drop)
  • implant incision placement
  • the desired pocket (dual plane or over the muscle)
  • need for lifting (breast lift; mastopexy)
  • the need for reduction of Nipple Areolar Complex (NAC)size

As a medical school professor and  implant researcher for both Allergan and Mentor Corporations (FDA approved pre and post implant studies of both saline and cohesive gel implants), Dr.Burke has access to the latest scientific and clinical data, the most current implants, and the latest innovations.

Dr. Burke prefers to use smooth surfaced implants, as there have been reported cases of “implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma with textured breast implants“.

The most important current innovations that Dr. Burke routinely uses during breast implantation or augmentation include: 

  • Keller Funnel for “no touch implant placement
  • no scalpel implant placement technique
  • Dr.Tebbett’s dual plane implant placement
  • Longer acting local anesthesia during the procedure (this last for many hours and often there is an analgesic effect when the anesthetic wears off)
  • Rapid post procedure recovery techniques

Dr.Burke’s Natural Breast Augmentation includes a full range of options for women desiring breast enhancement.


In the before/after here, in a woman in her early 20’s who complained of small breasts, wanted enhancement, yet wanted them to fit with her body.  She chose 350 cc high profile smooth Mentor gel implants.  These were placed by  a periareolar incision in a dual plane position by Dr.Burke.  A no scalpel, no touch technique was used.

Who are Candidates for this Procedure?

Women who desire larger breasts, have one breast noticeably smaller than the other, have tubular breasts, have chest wall deformities including pectus excavatum and pectus caranitum, volume loss from weight change, aging or pregnancy are all candidates for this procedure.

I had breast reduction in the past and would now like breast implants because I am too small.  Is this possible?

Yes, breast augmentation is possible following a previous breast reduction.  Often, prior incisions from the reduction are used for access for implant placement so that new scars do not have to be created.

This patient, age 38 had a breast reduction performed 2 years before seeing Dr.Burke.

At 5 ft 4 inches and 120 pounds, she chose 400cc moderate plus Mentor smooth gel implants.

How do I decide on which size and style implant to have placed in my body? Dr. Burke and his staff meet with you personally to review your goals.  Several  sizing systems and profile choices are available including the Mentor breast sizing system for help in choosing the right size and style implants for you. Presurgical sizing helps you participate in your implant size selection.

What Implant Profiles are Available? 

Implant profile refers the the width and projection of a breast implant.  Higher profile implants are narrower and have more project than regular profile implnts.  The choice depends on your body type, chest diameter, age, and implant goals.

Regular, Moderate, Moderate Plus, High profile and the new Ultra profile implants are available. With the choice of higher profile implants (which provide a natural lift to a drooping breast) women with minor droop (ptosis) may be able to avoid a mastopexy (breast lift). Our goals are to create a naturally  appearing result which is consistent with your goals!

Recently, the Gummy Bear implant was introduced.  Dr.Burke was asked to comment on American Health and Beauty. “Saline implants are typically used in younger patients as this procedure only requires a small incision. The disadvantage is that they may not feel as natural as gel implants if the patient lacks the breast tissue needed to cover the implant.”

What Surgical Approaches are used for Implant Placement? 

Periareolar, transaxillary, and inframammary approaches are most commonly used for implant placement. Most implants are placed below the muscle in a subpectoral (dual plane) position.

Implant options include saline and cohesive gel implants.

Both Saline filled breast implants and gel filled implants are available in a range of profiles.  In addition to profile, implant choices include shape (round versus anatomic), texture, and profile (ultra high; high; moderate plus; moderate; low).

How does one determine use of smooth or textured implants and which does Dr.Burke recommend.

Dr.Burke prefers smooth breast implants where possible.

Dr.Burke uses the Keller® funnel for silicone breast augmentation with the No Touch” technique. This reduces tissue trauma and postoperative discomfort leading to faster healing and recovery. This innovation has revolutionized the treatment and correction of tubular breast deformities.

The combination of gentle surgical technique including radiofrequency dissection with direct visualization and development of the implant pocket , with the “ no touch” implant placement technique results in accelerated , more rapid recovery.

Breast Augmentation DUAL PLANE IMPLANT

This anatomic illustration demonstrates the placement of a breast implant in the dual plane mode.  With this placement (pioneered by Dr.Tebbetts) the implant is partly under the major chest muscle (Pectoralis major) and partly covered by the patients native breast tissue. This results in a more natural appearance.

With a totally under the Pectoralis major muscle technique, the implant is frequently placed too high resulting in drooping of the native breast tissue.  Some refer to this as the “snoopy breast”.

Why is Recovery More Rapid with Dr.Burke’s Technique of Dual Plane Breast Implant Placement?

  • Decreased stretch on the Pectoralis major muscle caused by the underlying breast implant, dramatically reduces post procedure  discomfort.
  • Reduction of the pressure on the underlying implant by the overlying Pectoralis muscle (that was causing outward implant displacement),  reducing the risks of implant displacement and widening of the space between the breasts (the net effect is improved cleavage).
  • Reduces the amount of breast distortion that may occur when a patient contracts her Pectoralis major muscles.
  • Maximal soft tissue coverage over the middle and upper portions of the underlying implant, providing a more natural breast appearance.

Dr. Burke discusses the choice and selection of saline versus silicone breast implants in the following video:

Dr. Burke offers the tear drop shaped implant for those wanting less upper pole fullness and completed a seven year study of this implant.

MENTOR® MemoryShape™ Breast Implants are available where indicated. They have a teardrop shape like the silhouette of a natural breast. Uniquely formulated cohesive gel enables shape retention, providing a natural silhouette and youthful firmness.

Combination procedures including breast lifting at the same time that implants are placed and mommy makeovers:

Many women have breast droop in addition to loss or absence of breast volume.  The advantage of doing the lift at the same time as placement of the implant is twofold: one procedure is required rather that 2 separate surgical procedures; also, the implant itself provides some breast lifting, often reducing the extent of surgery necessary for lifting.

These procedures may often be safely combined with others such as  smart lipo, liposculpture, and mommy makeover If this is suitable depends on a consultation including review of your medical history and examination.


Many Patients have Questions About Breast Implant Pricing.  

We follow breast health guidelines including baseline mammograms where indicated, self breast examination, and post surgical follow up. This follow up includes visits with both the clinical staff and Dr. Burke.

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Breast Augmentation


Who is a candidate?

  • Women who desire larger breasts.
  • Women who have one breast that is noticeably smaller than the other.
  • Women who have lost breast volume following pregnancy.
  • Women who have lost breast volume due to weight loss and aging.
  • Breast droop.

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Intended result

View Breast Augmentation results photos

Procedure Description

  • The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis in our AAAHC accredited facility under conscious sedation.
  • A small incision is made in the arm pit, the lower portion of the areola, or under the breast.
  • The implant is usually placed in a dual plane position (upper part of implant below the muscle- lower part below the muscle and directly under the breast).
  • Implants may be placed completely over the muscle in certain cases.

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Recuperation and Healing

  • The patient usually goes home in either a bandeau or stabilizing bra designed to hold the breasts in the correct position. These may be worn for 24 hours a day for the first week.
  • Initial discomfort is usually controlled with oral medications supplemented with a nasal spray.
  • Tissue glue is used where possible, eliminating the need for suture removal.
  • Sutures are usually removed in 7-10 days.
  • Light activity may be resumed as tolerated. Aerobic activities may be started in about 3 weeks. Lifting may begin in 6 weeks

View Breast Augmentation results photos

Other Options

  • If the breasts sag, in addition to being small, an additional procedure that may enhance the result is a Mastopexy (breast lift).


  • The specific risks and suitability of this procedure for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are unusualIt.
  • If you are a smoker, it is important to quit smoking prior to the procedure.  Many consider it ideal to stop for 4 weeks before the precedure and at least 4 weeks after.  There are many aids to help you in quitting smoking including medications that can be prescribed by your physician.

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