Smooths Skin and Makes you Look Younger

juvidermlinesReplacement of lost facial volume offers the key to aging gracefully. With a healthy appearing facial volume, one appears younger than their actual age.

This loss of volume makes wrinkles appear, lines to deepen, and causes your skin to droop.

Dr.Burke uses the “family” of Allergan injectables to artistically restore lost volume.  Most often, he chooses Juviderm voluma XC for the cheeks, Juviderm Ultra Plus XC for selected areas of the face including the lips, and Juviderm Volbella XC for lip shaping, fine lines around the lips, and the tear trough.

Juvederm XC sometimes complemented with Volbella XC to restore lost lip volume, creating the “perfect pout” for you!

Juvederm XC occupies the space where volume has been lost. It also has some collagen stimulation effect.

Both men and women benefit from treatment. Dr.Burke offers the additional consultative step of pretreatment digital imaging. This allows you to peer into the future and  preview  possible treatment results and how they will look on your own face.


Areas Treated

Although the most common treatment area is the face, often other body areas can benefit from treatment.  These include the ear lobes and the back of the hands.


We Participate in Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program

brilliant distinctions      brilliant distinctions1

We participate in Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program for additional treatment savings.  This programs may be combined with our own VIP program for maximal savings.