Kybella, an alternative to liposuction or surgery for nonsurgical chin fat reduction.

Kybella is a popular option for nonsurgical fat reduction in the submental area of the neck.  Its advantages include rapid recovery, ambulatory treatment, and results!   For those bothered by excess submental fullness and who do not want surgery, this is an effective nonsurgical option.  The change begins immediately. Results are reevaluated at monthly(30 day) intervals.


Kybella is an FDA approved injectable substance that is able to dissolve fat under the chin (non-surgical double chin fat reduction). Previously, chin fat reduction was only possible with  an invasive procedure (liposuction or surgery).  Treatments takes approximately 5 minutes, and involve injections in the upper neck region under the chin. No surgery is required, and there is minimal recovery.

Previously, the choice of who was a candidate for Kybella was also influences by looseness of the neck and lower facial skin.  Now, with the use of a Silhouette Instalift following fat reduction, even patients with loose neck and lower facial skin (laxity) may be candidates for the procedure.


This patient is shown with typical pretreatment markings made in the submental region prior to Kybella treatment.  These markings determine the exact placement of the Kybella injections and the total dose of Kybella that needs to be injected to achieve a result.

Kybella  destroys fat cells. Chemically, it is  identical to deoxycholic acid (a substance your body makes naturally) which helps absorb fats. The drug  acts by destroying the fat cell’s membrane, causing it to burst. What remains of the fat cell is absorbed back into the body via normal metabolic pathways.

 Results are  long-lasting since the fat cells are actually destroyed. In studies, patients saw the changes last  at least two years (This was the duration of the study)


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The following videos are from Jessica. The first is before  her first treatment. The third is one month later prior to her second treatment.  She saw a noticeable difference at 3 weeks post treatment.






Dr.Robert Burke and the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery are committed to offer  state of the art  noninvasive and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment options to our patients.  Combine this with Bellafill for a combined nonsurgical facelift-necklift.

Boost the final results with Dr.Burke’s immediate chin lift which can be performed during your follow up visits.