Laser Hair Removal


Ann Arbor Laser Hair RemovalOur Award Winning Hair Removal Team has won the Best of Ann Arbor Award for 2 years in a row in the Hair Removal category.  Our technicians are experienced with over 10 years of hair removal hands on patient treatment experience.  All treatments are  overseen by our physician director, Dr.Robert H.Burke.  We use the state-of-the-art Diode  hair removal laser. These lasers are  ideal for skin types I-V. A beam of intense light  generated by the laser is selectively absorbed by pigment on the hair causing damage to the follicle. Previously, red, blond,  and gray hair could not be successfully treated due to lack of pigment.  We now have options that have led to successful treatment of many men and women with red or gray hair.

Our laser uses a  large sized cooling tip with direct operator control, making it easier to treat both  small and large areas. Although darker hair responds best, we are also able to treat gray, blond, and red hair (which were not treatable by lasers in the past).


Laser hair removal is a process taking a variable number of treatments over time because the laser only treats hair which is in the growing stages, . The average number of treatments varies depending on your  type of hair, its color, its location, any medications that you are taking, and medical conditions. Immediately following treatment, there may be  slight reddening of the skin and localized swelling which usually last less than one hour.

To optimize your results, it is important that the area to be treated not be recently tanned or sun burned. Also, please do not pluck, wax, or use hair removal creams on the area for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment and during treatment.

We will make specific recommendations based on your skin type, color, type of hair and goals. at the time of the consultation.