Laser Procedures

Ann Arbor Laser Procedures

Our center offers laser treatment for removal and reduction of unwanted hair, facial blemishes, spider veins of the face and legs, tattoos, birth marks, inflammatory acne, rosacea, and scars.

We were the first to introduce the Smart lipo MPX laser in Michigan for minimally invasive fat reduction and skin shrinkage.

Thanks to advances in technology, our fractional carbon dioxide laser offers previously unavailable facial and body treatments for skin rejuvenation. These can be coordinated with your time schedule to minimize healing time.

Our lasers include the NLite laser, Q-Switched Nd:Yag, Q-Yag-V, Iriderm, Matrix CO2 , Zerona, and Ruby.  They are chosen for treatment (depending on your condition) to stimulate  growth of new collagen under the skin, improve spider veins and skin discoloration, help reverse photodamage (from the sun), erase scars, remove tattoos, minimize stretch marks, and restore improved color and texture to the skin.  The Erchonia, cold Zerona laser helps with nonsurgical fat reduction.

Our Photorejuvination lasers complement  skin care programs by reduce discoloration and fine lines.