Ann Arbor MicrodermabasionMicrodermabrasion (also known as microabrasion) requires no special preparation or downtime.  You can arrive on your lunch hour, remove your makeup, have the procedure, reapply makeup, and go right back to work!

We are excited to offer treatment with the award winning Dermaglow II microabrasion system.  ACAwinner

Inert crystals smooth your  skin, improve its  texture while bring out your natural  color and glow.   Skin appears more youthful  as natural color and texture return,  reducing the telltale signs of of aging.

How does this work? A special hand piece gently applies and vacuums specially formulated mildly abrasive crystals to  the surface of the skin, removing superficial, old, dead and flaking skin cells while stimulating the production of collagen and new skin cells. More uniform results are achieved since the crystals are constantly moving.


This is ideal for those with limited time (“lunchtime peel”) wishing to improve skin appearance and reduce the signs of aging. Scarring, age spots, pigment problems, mild acne scarring, and mild wrinkles may also  be treated.Dermaglow+II+-+12JUN2007

Many notice a difference after the first treatment, although additional treatments are necessary in order to achieve the desired results. Periodic maintenance treatments help maintain your results.

We add specially formulated  glycolic products to enhance the procedure where maximum results are desired. Treatment and maintenance results will also be improved through the use of specific skin products recommended by our staff. We carry Regenica, Biopelle, Refissa, and our own specially formulated Michigan center for Cosmetic Surgery labelled skin care products for home use.


Michigan center for Cosmetic Surgery labelled skin care products

A2 + 1 (an innovative cream and serum fortified with resveratrol to guard against free radical skin damage)a2 + 105022015

Everything Eye Cream (to visibly reduce appearance of under eye dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles)

everything eye cream05022015

Antioxidant Gently Cleanser (ultracalming solution fortified with antioxidantshydrating cleanser05022015Light Hydration (moisturizer and emollient)

Silky Sunscreen (broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50+ which is fragrance free and nonwhitening)

silky sunscreen05022015

Light Hydration (moisturizer and emollient)lt hydration05022015








Many of our patients also have their Botox or Dysport neuromodulator treatments for wrinkle reduction during the same visit.

Advertisement for Dysport in Ann Arbor   BOTOX® and DYSPORT®

Realizing that your time is valuable, we also offer  cosmetic facial wrinkle filler treatments during your visit including:

Bellafill_Logo_CURRENT       RestylaneLogoR voluma2014

Bellafill; Restylane ; Perlane ; Juviderm ; Voluma , and Sculptra Aesthetic.