Mommy Makeover

Ann Arbor Chin and Cheek Implants

What is the Goal of a Mommy Makeover? A “Mommy Makeover”  is custom designed to address women’s body changes that have  occurred as a result of:

  • childbirth and delivery
  • pregnancy and breast feeding
  • natural aging.

Weight gain with pregnancy, pregnancy itself, and post pregnancy weight loss add years to ones appearance.

Many suffer from decreased  self esteem.

Specific areas addressed include:

While the effects of childbearing, nursing, lost sleep, aging, and changing metabolism take  a distinctive and predictable toll on a woman’s body, the Mommy Makeover is individually designed to reverse many of these effects. The goal is to restore your body to a more vigorous and younger appearance.

Becoming a Mommy has been described as one of life’s most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. With new rejuvination technology and procedures, this does not mean sacrificing  your appearance.

Dr.Burke’s “Natural Mommy Makeover”. The resulting procedure is individually planned with the  goal of restoring you and your body in the most natural way possible. Techniques are chosen that make it appear as if you have aged naturally (although admittedly some patients end up looking younger than they did before having children).

Breast Reduction

Treatments are custom tailored to women (and mothers) who wish to look and feel their best… and are as unique as you are.

Procedures are completed discreetly in our AAHC accredited surgicenter.

You can either return home that day or arrange to stay in Ann Arbor overnight.

We can help with any needed arrangements.

Patients routinely travel from surrounding states for our “mommy makeover”.  We have had patients from many parts of the world.

A Natural Mommy Makeover starts with  scheduling your complimentary consultation


Procedure Options: Doctor Burke’s  Blueprint for  a Natural Mommy Makeover

Each Mommy Makeover is individualized – and is as unique as you. Treatment is tailored to mothers who wish to look and feel their best.

Step one begins with your call to schedule your complimentary consultation  and meet personally with Dr.Burke.

Step two is your consultation appointment with Dr.Burke. Your unique needs and concerns are reviewed and addressed and  the best plan for you is formulated. The variety of options ( below) are reviewed and the best options chosen.
Step three, review of surgical and nonsurgical options to achieve your goals.

One option is the SmartLipo™ Lift for face and body recontouring. This is a three dimensional face and body sculpting procedure designed to reduce fat while shrinking skin (contouring power of soft tissue removal with the skin contracting power of the laser).

This is called a “diver’s” view.  By bending down into a dive position one is able to see the degree of looseness of the abdominal region postpregnancy.  This assessment helps formulate a plan of action based on your needs.  In this case, a tummy tuck was not necessary.  A modified liposculpture procedure, smart lipo was performed to remove fat and help tighten skin.



This is the postprocedure result.  The waist is smaller, the skin tighter.  Only 2 small incisions were necessary for the procedure (each approximately 1 mm in size and located in the lower abdomen in the bikini line).





Women wish to regain full and shapely breasts following pregnancy.  Sagging breasts, nipples pointing downward, volume loss, assymetry, and enlarged nipple areolar complexes may all be treated.

This is an interview with Dr.Burke and Lisa, his patient discussing her experience with his rapid recovery, minimal trauma breast augmentation/lift as part of her mommy makeover:


Sometimes a breast lift is required to restore “perkiness” to your breasts. If the breasts are also large, a breast reduction may also be done at the same time.

Breast implants help restore lost volume and enhance size. These may be placed at the same time as a lift to enhance fullness. Saline implants are the most popular type of implant and are available in round and tear drop shapes. Cohesive gel implants are also available. These have a natural feel due to a gel rather than a saline filler.

This video interview with Dr.Burke discusses the choice of saline versus silicone implants:


Mothers may notice that their lower abdomen is fuller than it used to be. Exercise alone may not be enough. The“baby pouch” may be a combination of excess skin, fat, a distorted belly button, and stretch marks …


When excess fat alone is the issue, liposculpture may be indicated. Dr. Burke now uses the Smart Lipo for laser assisted liposculpture – with the added benefit of skin tightening – enabling many women to avoid a tummy tuck!drrrobertburkeabdomen2014


For those women where the sagging skin is mainly in the lower abdomen the mini-abdominoplasty is an option in which excess skin and fat are removed and the underlying muscles tightened. This procedure is not as extensive as the full tummy tuck, with a smaller incision, often easily hidden under a 2 piece bathing suit.




Dr. Burke discusses the outpatient rapid recovery Awake Tummy Tuck:

Dr.Burke places hidden  incisions for abdominoplasty or tummy tuck where possible.

After having children, a mother’s fat may redistribute to different body areas – even if she has not gained weight.
Excess fat often appears on the  hips, flanks, inner or outer thighs. One may find it difficult to fit into the clothing worn before pregnancies. For those wishing to avoid invasive procedures, there are several options available including Ultra Slim.

 Ultra Slim cold body sculpting is  available for noninvasive fat loss!






You may include surgical and nonsurgical options such as: Botox; Dysport®; Fillers (Bellafill ; Sculptra Aesthetic; Restylane;  Juviderm Ultra Plus); Microdermabrasion.

Lack of sleep and the aging process may give you a tired appearance.

Noninvasive options include the Pellevé® Wrinkle Eraser which provides noninvasive skin tightening and rejuvenation with no need for a local anesthetic. You can have treatment and return immediately to your normal activities or work.

Whether you choice is nonsurgical, minimally invasive, surgical, or a combination, we will provide answers and assist you in your decisions, helping you reach your goals.

Step four: Scheduling the procedure date. Tina and her administrative staff help select the best time to fit with your active life!

Step five: Pre surgical appointment. Photos are taken and reviewed with you. Procedures are confirmed. Laboratory studies ordered if needed, and prescriptions given. Recovery care is reviewed.

Step six: Your procedure date

Step seven: The postoperative recovery period. We continue your followup and guide your care as you heal.

Step eight: Completion. You have achieved your goals!

We realize that each person’s goals differ.  Here is one Mommy over age 50 who achieved her goals and became a world champion!