N-Lite Acne Treatment

Before & After Photo Gallery of N-Lite Acne Treatment
Before & After Photo Gallery of N-Lite Acne Treatment


Ann Arbor Acne TreatmentThe N-Lite laser was described as “the most significant advancement in acne treatment in decades”. FDA  approved, clinical studies showed the  N-Lite to be comparable, if not more effective, than prescription antibiotics for treatment of inflammatory acne.

With advances in laser physics, Dr.Burke is using the next and latest generation of acne treatments lasers, manufactured by Astanza.  This laser reacts with  biologic substances produced by skin bacteria and converts them to an antibiotic like compound, killing the bacteria present in acne. (by using this natural biological method, antibiotics may be  completely avoided). For mild acne, a single treatment may be sufficient to suppress acne for up to 1-3 months or longer. For moderate to severe acne, more frequent treatment is usually needed. Since acne is a chronic disease, maintenance treatments may be required and will vary depending on the individual.

Other complementary treatments include: microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, matrix micro laser(R) peel, punch excision and grafting of deep scars, and volume replacement injections with Bellafill, the only FDA approved filler for acne scars.

Dr.Burke is the first physician in Ann Arbor to offer Bellafill!Bellafill_Logo_CURRENT

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