Bellafill: FDA approved facial filler: longest lasting

Bellafill  facial rejuvination   starts with analysis of acne scarring, and facial volume deficiency. Aided by computer analysis, an individual treatment plan is formulated.

Treatment outcomes and comfort improve through the use of advanced injection techniques aided by digital computer  analysis. These techniques include use of microcannulas to deliver the Bellafill precisely to deficient areas, naturally restoring lost volume.

Ann Arbor Face Lift

Although correction with Bellafill is immediate, its long duration is  the result of  its unique method of action-your body starts to manufacture lost collagen. (Collagen loss occurs in everyone as they age and is the major factor in making our faces and necks look older).

 5 year duration of action (as approved by the FDA) .  This reduces visits with your injector (to receive traditional shorter reduces acting  injections)  during  a  5 year duration time period.

Bellafill has changed the treatment of acne scars, and is the only FDA approved filler  for treatment of distensible acne scars.

Dr.Burke  turbocharges Bellafill with PRP , improving skin laxity, texture, adding a  more youthful skin glow (in addition to long lasting correction of facial volume loss).  As the aging face is restored, natural  youthful 3 dimensional (3 D) facial contour returns , contributing to its anti aging effect.

One important factor in longevity is technique:  specialized computer imaging guides treatment with specialized cannula techniques.

Curious about the cost of Bellafill?

Used in the V lift nonsurgical facelift,  Bellafill offers longevity  Traditional fillers last several months, but this last years!. PRP turbocharges for an even better effect as it contains necessary growth factors to speed healing, and your results.


This  woman wanted to look younger but who did not want a surgical procedure.  The Bellafill V lift liquid facelift took years off her appearance, restoring facial volume that had been lost as she aged.  When volume is restored, the face takes back its 3 dimensional (3 D) appearance as sagging, loose skin is tightened.

Bellafill is  the only FDA approved facial filler for the treatment of distensible acne scars. The number one request from these patients is to help make their scars less noticeable (since they often perceive that everyone is staring at them).