Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Hair loss (alopecia or baldness) affects  men and women. The pattern of loss, and the age at which loss is noticed differs though, between men and women.

Over 80 million men  and  women in America are affected to varying degrees, ranging from hair thinning and loss to partial or total baldness. 

Early hair loss most commonly occurs in men and begins during the teenage years.

In women, hair loss often begins in the forties, and is commonly associated with menopause. For some women, though, hair loss begins much earlier-often in the 20’s.

Many treatments for hair loss have been offered over the years including: laser stimulation, gels, oral medications, transplants, and surgical scalp flaps. The ALMI procedure differs from all of these treatment by using your own adipose derived stem cells (ALMI).   These adipose derived stem cells cause dormant hair in bald and balding areas to regrow.

Adipose-derived precursor hair follicle stem cells are recruited and processed for placement in your own balding and thinning areas. Hair begins to appear during the next hair cycle (1-3 months). Once the hair appears, it tends to thicken during subsequent cycles.

Men and women agree that hair adds to their personality.  A recent study confirms negative preception among men and women regarding those with hair loss.  

For those wishing to help their own hair regrow  naturally without grafting and other hair transplant procedures , studies have confirmed hair growth for men and women within bald areas of the scalp through stimulation of dormant hair follicles using pre-hair follicle, adipose-derived stem cells

Although not for everyone, in many cases, with adipose-derived stem cells, it is possible for men and women to regrow their own hair!

How does this work?


ALMI Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection for Hair Regrowth is a breakthrough biocellular hair rejuvenation procedure that uses your own body’s regenerative cells and fat tissue to improve the function of hair follicles in the scalp.

As an outpatient office procedure, these cells and surrounding tissues support hair follicle function, fight the progression of hair loss and enhance hair growth. Get your hair growing for date night.

During the procedure Adipose (fat) derived stem cells are infused with added (PRP) platelet rich plasma to achieve the effect of regrowing your own hair.

What is the role of prp in this process.  The prp or platelet rich plasma is rich in growth factors which promote healing.  It does not contain stem cells.  The stem cells are derived from processing the harvested and recruited adipose cells, separating their components into the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) which has been shown to contain adipose derived stem cells which diffentiate into needed tissue depending on where they are injected.

Known as the ALMI procedure (autologous lipocyte micronized injection), this provides an alternative to surgery with the advantage of using your own tissues to rejuvenate yourself.

By recruiting, harvesting, and reinjecting your own adipose-derived stem cells(known as the stromal vascular fraction(SVF)) it provides a boost above that obtainable using PRP alone (PRP mainly contains growth factors which aid in healing).

This is ideal for those wishing to use  their own tissues for self rejuvenation, who do not want a grafting procedure, or who are not candidates for hair grafting.

For those who  have undergone grafting procedures and are still losing their hair, this offers an additional option.