Before & After Photo Gallery of Restylane
Before & After Photo Gallery of Restylane


Restylane and your Skin

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid derived dermal filler designed to restore lost facial volume by smoothing wrinkles, sculpting lips and shaping facial contours. The results are seen immediately and are designed to create a more youthful appearance as lost volume is replaced and restored.  Since Restylane is hydrophilic (attracts water molecules) the results improve slightly during the next few days after treatment, giving you the added benefit of additional volume above that injected!

Areas Treated With Restylane

Dr.Burke prefers to treat selected regions of one’s face with Restylane.  He also treats the earlobes and hands. He provides the additional consultative step of predictive digital imaging so that one can preview the possible results of treatment, viewing a possible before and after prior to actual treatment.restylane2015

We Participate in  Galderma’s Aspire Programs


We participate in  Galderma’s Aspire program  for additional treatment savings. You can also combine these savings with our VIP program for maximum benefits.