Silhouette Instalift : No scalpel nonsurgical facial rejuvination

Dr.Burke was the first to introduce the Silhouette Instalift  to the Ann Arbor area  following  FDA approval).

Many of his patient have continued follow up for several years. Over this time,  longevity of the procedure has been documented,   Many report results that continue to improve over 24 months following the procedure.  This is a patient seen over 2 years after her silhouette instalift procedure.

One factor in this  longevity is use of bioregenerative options including PRP (platelet rich plasma) and adipose derived stem cells. (ALMI procedure)  

These procedures offer a natural breakthrough in no scalpel, nonsurgical facial rejuvination:

  1. unique method of action recruiting and using your own growth factors and stem cells to reverse many of the signs of aging
  2. lifts sagging facial skin
  3. stimulates your body to produce its collagen which replaces lost volume
  4. tightens the face and upper neck
  5. results are visible
  6. with adjunctive use of bioregenerative options, combined with PRP and your own stem cells the correction may last years.

Before/24 months after photo of a professional woman who sought facial rejuvination but did not have time for invasive surgery and recovery.  She reports (as do many patients) continued improvement in her appearance with time!

Silhouette Instalift Threadlift : a new model for nonsurgical facial rejuvination:  This “no scalpel facelift” tightens  facial and upper neck skin, can gently lift sagging eyebrows, and rejuvinate the upper neck , reduces signs of aging including those caused by  volume loss.  Sagging, volume deficient  facial and upper neck skin are gently lifted and tightened. No incisions are made and no sutures are necessary. 

The tightening effect continues with additional improvement over time as the threads are dissolved by your own body, stimulating formation of lost collagen.

This is an alternative for men and women wanting to look younger, but who do not want  invasive surgery,  and don’t have time for a prolonged recovery.

Loose and sagging skin are gently lifted into position.  Lost facial volume is replaced as your own body cells are stimulated to form collagen.

The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia. For those who may be anxious about having the procedure, Dr.Burke offers the option of  monitored conscious sedation.