Stem cell breast lift is a bioregenerative option for those wishing to avoid scars on the front of their breasts

The stem cell breast lift offers a  nonsurgical bioregenerative breast lift option for women wishing to avoid visible scars on their breasts.

With minimal breast droop (ptosis) grade I, and  lack of upper breast volume or fullness, a bioregenerative procedure involving harvesting and later reinjecting your own adipose (fat) derived stem cells gently lifts the breast tissue and rejuvinates the decolletage region.

A proprietary process  extracts stem cells from our own fat (also known as the ALMI procedure). These stem cells are  combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma) and injected,  providing gentle breast lifting, and increased upper breast fullness.

This option is chosen by women wishing to avoid a major surgical procedure, do not have time for prolonged recovery, and wish to avoid breast scars in prominent areas on the front of their breasts.

major advantages of the procedure are:

  • lack of prominent surgical incisions on the front of the breasts
  • shorter procedure
  • does not require general anesthesia
  • quicker recovery