Stem cell breast lift (mastopexy) is a no incision bioregenerative option for those wishing to avoid scars on the front of their breasts

The stem cell breast lift (mastopexy) is designed to lift  breasts that have sagged following weight loss, weight gain, aging, and being a mommy. This procedure gently tightens and lift droopy (ptotic) breast tissues through the use of adipose derived stem cells.

No incision  bioregenerative breast lift (mastopexy) option for women wanting  to lift sagging breast tissues and avoid visible scars on the front of their breasts.

The best candidates for this procedure are of normal weight and have minimal to moderate droop (ptosis) with  loss  of upper breast volume (fullness) (combination of mild breast volume loss and droop).

This no incision bioregenerative procedure uses  your own adipose (fat) derived stem cells , (obtained from the stromal vascular fraction or SVF) to gently lift ptotic breasts.

 Stem cells are separated from our own fat (also known as the ALMI procedure) and combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma) for reinjection. The PRP is added to supply growth factors which speed healing.(PRP itself does not contain stem cells. It is rich in growth factors-that is why the SVF is  important. It contains the stem cells). The overall effect is three fold:

  1. gentle breast lifting
  2. increased upper breast fullness
  3. rejuvination of the decolletage region

This option is chosen by women wanting a no incision  procedure, do not have time for prolonged recovery, and wish to avoid breast scars in prominent areas on the front of their breasts.

major advantages 

  • no surgical incisions on the front of the breasts
  • shorter procedure
  • usually done with conscious sedation, avoiding general anesthesia
  • quicker recovery than procedures involving breast incisions
  • natural rejuvinating solution avoiding the use of artificial materials