Each tattoo is unique.  Several factors are evaluated in determining specific pricing.

These include: your overall health; the age of the tattoo; the tattoo size; the ink colors observed in the tattoo; if the tattoo is done by an amateur or a professional; the depth and density of the ink in the tattoo.  Some tattoos are not treatable-these include tattoos that are fluorescent and glow in the dark.  Tattoos with white present unique problems since there is no laser light wavelength that treats white and often when the laser passes over white, the ink oxidizes and turns dark.

Basic pricing is per treatment session and starts at $99 for the smallest tattoos (less than the size of a postage stamp).  Larger tattoos average $200-300 per treatment.  Very large tattoos are proportionately more.  Financing is available.

Through years of experience, Dr. Burke is also able to evaluate and offer the best treatment options for you.  With large tattoos it is better to break up the sessions and treat 1/3 or 1/2 of the tattoo each time.

There is no charge for tattoos that were placed for radiation treatment.

Dr.Burke discounts pricing for veterans, those enlisting in the service, military, police.

He also offers discounts for removal of gang tattoos.

For those needing treatment of several tattoos at the same session, discounts are given based on the number of tattoos treated.

Package discounts are available ranging from 10%-20% depending on the package chosen.

We do not charge for tattoo consultations.  All tattoo removal consultations are free.

We have the added advantage of the ability to prescribe topical anesthetics or administer local anesthetic injections directly into the treated area for added comfort. No one else is able to provide conscious sedation for tattoo removal treatments.